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About yogivated

NOW is your time to let go and focus on YOU! 

With each new day comes challenges, or opportunities for growth. Yogivated’s vision is to provide tools that can be utilized in the support of overcoming these daily obstacles while continuously putting them into practice to grow and thrive. 

Yogivated was created as an invitation to all women who wish to step back into their natural flow, realign their Chakras and reestablish the connection between the spiritual body and the physical body. Healing guides are offered that specifically concentrate on each one of the  seven Chakras. Through holistic and spiritual avenues, each individual will evolve on a journey that includes not only a physical practice but a practice that supports the mind and nourishes the soul, as well, through tips, inspiring messages, meditations and herbal remedies and recipes. 

Yogivated has designed Chakra aligning guides with deep intention and determination in order to provide Women an overall sense of well being that comes with a natural balance of the Chakras. The Mother Earth Guide provides an energetic connection back to the earth. Strengthen relationship bonds through the Connections Guide. Dedicate yourself to achieving that list of goals you have set for yourself by engaging in the Power Planner Guide. If you need to regulate your Heart and Throat Chakras, there are guides available so you can fulfill your desires for Self as well as express more clearly to others around you. The Dream and Spirit realms are rejuvenated through each of their own guides,too, so you can support the subconscious and enhance your spirituality on a daily basis. 


The yogi behind yogivated

Megan’s serene, passionate, yoga centric mind is the motivating force behind the inception of Yogivated. Her dream was to create a platform that reached out to offer a guiding hand to women by providing tools, advice and unique, individual connection that would be beneficial to all aspects of their day to day experiences. By following this dream, Yogivated came to fruition.

Both on and off the mat, Megan has cultivated a lifestyle that has been sculpted by yoga’s teachings and principles. She has personally witnessed the glow that the practice ignites in those who embrace yoga and allow it to work wonders in their lives. Through Yogivated, Megan strives to awaken that glow within all who subscribe to the array of Chakra Balancing Guides she has personally crafted. Inspiration for the physical, spiritual and mental aspects included in her Chakra Guides is gathered from her past experiences as a recreational gymnast and coach, her Hatha style yoga teachings, embracing her creative mindset, and the constant drive she fosters to learn and grow in her own spirituality

Success of Yogivated, to Megan, is a client that walks away from her teachings to happily, confidently and calmly navigate the many channels of life armed with the tools they have acquired from her daily Guides to prevail, flourish and radiate their GLOW!


Yoga Instructor - 200 Hr.

200 Hr. RYT - Registered through Yoga Alliance

Gymnastics Instructor - USAG University 

Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED and First Aid